Adjustable Pallet Racking

جهان دژساز

Adjustable Pallet Racking

Adjustable Pallet Racking system is used to load large and heavy items. These items are placed on flat or walled pallets as a single load and loaded by forklift trucks.

The components of this system include the frame and its components (in different dimensions), beams (in different dimensions and tolerances), frame connectors, safety locks, pallet supporters, prophylactic pallets, column guards, diagonal bracings, wooden panels, and frame protectors.


In warehouses of materials, goods, and light and heavy parts, cold storages, and other items.


- Adjustability of the height of shelves

- Variety in the sizes and tolerances of shelving floors

- Easy access to loaded shelves

- Possibility of attachment of shelves through bolts and nuts.

- Possibility of design and implementation of shelves in several floors and in proportion to the height and dimensions of the available space

Technical Specifications Dimensions
200 تا 1200 Height
120-110-100-90-80-70 Depth

Maximum 20,000 kg Crater
Maximum 4000 kg Each floor


سیستم قفسه بندی پالت راک جهان دژساز سیستم قفسه بندی پالت راک سیستم قفسه بندی پالت راک


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