E-Z Rect Shelving

جهان دژساز

E-Z Rect Shelving system is used for storing light loads and office and library supplies. This system is best used in library centers, office archives, and document keeping units.

The components of this system include columns (posts), column connectors, beams, panels or floors, floor plates, shelf clips, and column plastic caps which are usually provided in white.


- Home, office, and archives shelving

- Display and warehouse shelving for goods and spare parts


- Bolts and nuts shelving

- Variety in span dimensions, depth, and height

- Easy and quick access to the goods and elegance of the shelving system

- Adjustability of the height of the floors due to successive slits along the column and possibility of changing the number of floors

Technical Specifications Dimensions (cm)
200-220-250-300 Height
20-30-40 Crater
95-120-150 Depth

Up to 150Kg Each floor