Mobile Shelving

جهان دژساز

Mobile Shelving

This type of shelving allows maximum use of the available space by a mobile corridor. The most common uses of this system are in financial departments, banks, financial institutions, archive departments of various sizes, libraries, etc.

This system contributes a great share to an important part of the market due to the safety and security of the shelves.


- Archives, information, and recording departments

- Offices, educational centers, and stores


- This shelf is installed without bolts

- Variety in span dimensions, depth, and height

- Systematic and safe access to the goods and beauty and elegance of the shelves

- Adjustability of the height of the floors due to successive slits along the column and possibility of changing the number of floors in needed

Technical Specifications Dimensions (cm)
200-220-250 Height
20-25-30-35-40 double Depth
100-120-150-200-240-300-360-450 the length


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