Jahandozh Company

Jahandozh Company (Official sales office of Dozhpad Company) offers all types of fastest and best quality storage and display shelving products and services all over Iran with a long history and staff experienced in consulting, designing, selling, installing, and after-sales services of slotted angle shelving, adjustable pallet racking, bulk storage racking, long span racking, drive in racking, cantilever racking, E-Z rect shelving, mobile shelving, display shelving, mezzanine racking, and mezzanine floor systems.

Installation and After-Sales Services

In today's world, sales is considered to be the beginning of a lasting commitment and relationship based on customer satisfaction. Therefore, providing after-sales services, including installation and implementation of shelving systems, as a sales supplement service, is one of the most common services provided by JahanDozh Company. The company serves Iranian industries with the knowledge of its trained staff with certifications for installation and implementation of shelving systems.

After-Sales Service are Provided as Follows According to the Agreement with Customers:

· Fixing unpredictable problems with the shelving systems installed at the customer's premises

· Uninstalling-Transferring-Reinstalling the shelving system from one warehouse to another in the customer's premises

· Supervising the shelving system to ensure the quality of the structures installed in the customer's warehouse during the years of operation

· Studying customer’s expectations for upgrading the efficiency of shelving systems in the customer's warehouse

· Implementing the developmental requirements of new shelving systems and attaching them to existing systems


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