Flat Pallet

This type of pallet can be moved and it is suitable for loading regular-dimension loads by forklift trucks or stackers. Industrial items and bag and carton packages are loads that can be moved with flat pallets.

Flat pallets cannot be stored on top of each other and are used solely for pallet shelving.

The dimensions of flat pallet are based on the size of the crater and the depth and mode of movement in the shelving system are designed in two-way and four-way as well as one-way and two-sided (loading from both sides).

Technical Specifications Dimensions
(Cm) 100 120 120 Height
(Cm) 100 100 80 Crater
8 – 10 (Cm) Depth

Box Pallet

The box pallet is designed to move broken and non-durable products and is used as a means of handling and maintenance. These pallets are stacked to create regular-dimension spaces.

The body of a walled pallet is made up of netting, sheet or railing and it can also be bended, if necessary. Walled pallets are manufactured in different dimensions proportionate with weight bearing and two type of with and without doors. A walled pallet can withstand up to 3000kg. Right now, walled pallet are used in warehouses, factories, and even refrigerators as a widely used utility tool.

Technical Specifications Dimensions
100 100 100 100 Height
120 120 100 100 Crater
100 80 120 80 Depth

Drum Pallet

Dum pallets are one of the best offered tools to maintain and move the drums in the available space. This pallet can store the drums in a horizontal manner as well allowing you to install valves and drain the contents. Up to five drum pallets can be stacked on top of each other.

Tire Pallet

The tire pallet is suitable for maintenance of all types of tires either for light or heavy cars. Up to five tire pallets can be stacked on top of each other at maximum.


– Warehouses for materials, goods, and spare parts

– Cold storages

– Workshops and production halls

Technical Specifications
So heavy Heavy Average Style Types of rubber pallets
Loader and Tractor Bus and truck and trailer Pickup and minibus Riding Car type
Loop 8-4 Loop 8-6 Loop 10-8 Loop 12-10 Capacity
3 2 4 5 The number can be picked up together