Being the closest sales office to Dozhpad Company headquarters (the leading brand and the first and largest manufacturer of shelving systems, metal screws, and scaffolding systems in Iran) and having the modern engineering knowledge, a long history in the field, and staff experienced in consulting, designing, installation, and after-sales services for all types of shelving systems, Jahandozh Company is ready to provide fastest and best quality services all over Iran.


Jahandozh’s History

· Iran’s shelving industry was established in 1952 by Dozhpad Company. This company has expanded its shelving products and services to national and regional level over the years so that exports to 26 countries comprises an important portion of its sales right now. Therefore, Dozhpad has expanded its sales and installation services by establishment of sales offices and agencies.

· Jahandozh Company is honored to be at the service of different industries and organizations by utilizing the modern knowledge of its trained and skilled personnel, which is a result of years of effort and experience.

Message from the CEO


Serving Iranian industries was, is, and will be an honor for Jahandozh. In fact, we consider providing excellent shelving services and high quality shelving products not only a task, but also our duty.

Innovative Vision in Shelving

With its successful presence in domestic markets as the leading provider of quality and innovation, Jahandozh has set sustainable development and consumer protection as its vision. Moreover, we consider customer satisfaction through paying attention to their present and future demands as a guarantor of our success.

We hope to provide all consumers in different branches of the industry with satisfaction through effective communication with the help of Allah Almighty.