Bulk Storage Racking

This shelving system is used to store heavy and semi-heavy items. Moving between floors in this system is carried out through ladders or elevators, and loads are moved manually or with the help of auxiliary equipment, such as trolleys and conveyors.


Bulk Storage Racking is used in warehouses of material, spare parts, tools, and utilities.

The components of this system include the frame and its components (in different dimensions), beams (in different dimensions and tolerances), frame connectors, safety locks, and matted panels (in different dimensions and tolerances).


– Easy access to all shelving floors and items in the floors

– Ease of loading and unloading

– Possibility of partial unloading due to ease of access to floors

– Possibility to be installed in different heights and in multiple floors

– Possibility to shelve at the maximum height of the existing spaces

– Possibility to set floors in a variety of sizes

– Supporting integration with warehouse utilities such as lighting and fire suppression systems

– Significant increase in ordering and the level of safety of the warehouse and loaded goods

– Possibility to attach all shelves with bolts and nuts

– Possibility of fast installation and changing the shelving dimensions

Technical Specifications Dimensions (cm)
200 – 900 Height
300-270-232-194-155-117 Crater
120-110-100-90-80-70-60 Depth
600to 1500 kg Each floor