Mezzanine Racking

This system is used for maximum use of height and to build terrace or mezzanine in different spaces. This system consists of a racking system and a flooring surface which is made of either stair panels or flat matting.

The components of the racking system include the frame and its components (in different dimensions), beams (in different dimensions and tolerances), frame connectors, safety locks, angle irons for corridor and guard rails, stairwell panels for stairs and corridors, and other fittings.


Any production space, warehouse and exhibition in order to create a two-story production space for assembly, offices, and maintenance of materials


– Entire installation with bolt and nuts

– Optimization and saving the space area and usage of height

– Quick and elegant execution

– No need for construction and welding operations

– Possibility of changing the height of mezzanines and corridors