Mezzanine Floor

A highly robust structure for making use of the available height and the existing halls, which makes the creation of floored spaces possible. The best advantage of this system is that it allows you to have more maneuver room by removing additional columns from the floor of the warehouse.

The components of the mezzanine floor system include columns, main beams, joists, floorings, brackets, and bolts.


In production halls, warehouses and exhibitions in order to create two-story production halls of assembly, offices, and maintenance of materials and goods


– Bolt and nuts connections

– Optimization and saving of space area and usage of height

– Quick and elegant execution

– No need for construction and welding operations

– Possibility of changing the height of mezzanines and expandability of corridors from both ends with shared posts

– Use of resistant screws (8-8 grade)

Technical Specifications Dimensions
250-300 for each floor Height
600 to 200 Crater
maximium up to 1000kg floors