Drive In Racking

The Drive-In Racking has tunnels for forklift routes in addition to the pallet loading area. The additional corridors are removed in this system.

The loading procedure in this shelving system is LIFO.

With the exception of the beam, rails and a number of braces, other components of this system are very similar to the adjustable pallet racking system.

The components of this system include the frame and its components (in different dimensions), pallet support arms (in different dimensions and bearings), top bracings (in different dimensions and bearings), pallet stoppers, and Fittings.


The best use and efficiency is achieved in cold storages and warehouses of materials and products.


– Multiplying the pallet storing capacity of the area and height of the warehouse due to the use of loading tunnels as corridors

– Loading by forklift trucks is done at the end of the tunnel while unloading is done at its beginning

– The first pallet out is the last pallet in (LIFO)

Technical Specifications Dimensions (cm)
400 to 1200 Height
135,150 Crater
40 to 120 the frame
100 to 1000 Tunnel
Up to 2000 kg Per palette