Cantilever Racking System

The Cantilever Racking System is designed to hold heavy, bulky, pipes, bars or roller and sheet loads that are moved by forklift trucks. With a maximum height of 12 meters and various dimensions, this system can be used in small and large warehouses.

The components of this system include bases and columns, arms, horizontal and diagonal bracings, arm connector pins, load stop pins, and other fittings.


Suitable for bar loads such as metal pipes, light and heavy profiles, timber, wooden and chipboard sheets, rebar, heavy and voluminousboxes, and rolls of carpets.


– There is no column in the front part of the shelf, which provides maximum access in the loading of items with varied dimensions

– It can be installed in different heights, arm lengths, openings, and load bearing

– Can be loaded by forklift

– The height of the arms can be adjusted at intervals of 15 cm

Technical Specifications Dimensions
تا 1200 Height
200-175-150-125-100-75 Crater
180-150-120-100-90-60 Depth
Max. 1000 kg Arm
Maximum 20,000 kg column